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NCY-32M.(S) / NCY-36M(S)
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  1. X, Z axis servo motor max. rapid feed rate is 18 m/min (30 m/min).
  2. Servo motor driven spindle includes C-axis function, max. 4000 (6000) rpm.
  3. Hydraulic cylinder provides high speed and stable clamping.
  4. Radial live tooling driven by servo motor, max. 4000 (6000) rpm.
  5. Machine body made from one piece solid cast iron, high rigidity and stability.

Max. Manu. Dia. Ø32 Ø36
Spindle Max. rpm. 6000 rpm
Spindle Center Height 1015
Max. Bar Feeding Dia. Ø32 Ø36
Collet Of Spindle TRB-32 TRB-36
Spindle Servo Motor 7.5 kw
No. Of O.D. Turning Tools 6 (Option: 5)
No Of I.D. Turning Tools 5
  12 x 12 x 120
(Option 16 x 16 x 120)
I.D. Turning Tool Size Ø25
X, Y, Z-Axis Travel 190 / 490 / 165
X, Y, Z Rapid Travel Speed 30 m/min
X, Y, Z-Axis Servo Motor X: 1.3 kw, Y/Z: 0.85 kw
No. Of Radial Live Tooling 4
Radial Tooling Size ER-20
Radial Live Tooling Servo Motor 1.0 kw
Radial Live Tooling Max. Speed 6000 rpm
No. Of Axial Live Tooling 3
Axial Tooling Size ER-20
Axial Live Tooling Max. Speed 0.75 kw

Machine Size (L x W x H)
(Includes Chip Conveyor)

2441.5 x 1954 x 1721.5
Machine N.W (Includes Chip Conveyor) 2800 kgs
Spindle & Sub Spindle Coolant Pump 1 HP
Auto Lubricator Capacity 3 ~ 6 cc / 15 min
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